2010年10月26日 星期二

Iphone 4 update news

Iphone 4 was launched at Sept,10. And it always occupy the most expensive and most quantities of selling in smartphone fields. Even the market price is quite high due to limited supply from Apple. The highest price was about HK$12,000.

The price of Iphone is always fluctuated like the stocks in Financial market. So there are quite many people trade in and out for this item all around the world.

For many Apple's friends, they can't wait the normal delivery time from Apple, so they will to pay a much higher price than original of 50 to 100% . 

These few days , many friends find that the Iphone 4 is suddenly no supply from Apple web site. So market predict the Iphone price will be rise up for a period of time. So for Apple's friends , if you can wait Iphone until the normal supply from Apple. Otherwise you need to pay it at a higher price.

25 Oct Market price
Iphone 4 16G  HK$6,980
               32G HK$7,880