2012年4月28日 星期六

Will Apple TV Replace Our Cable Boxes?

Apple TV is a small, electronic black box that connects to your HD TV set to stream unlimited amounts of movies, music, documentaries and TV shows from iTunes software to your television. It is a very small item, almost the size of an iPhone box, that can easily be hooked up to your unit.

While Apple TV does not have a monthly service fee like cable or satellite TV, you must pay for every movie or TV show you stream. You can enjoy full seasons of your favorite shows, and you can even purchase season passes that alert you when a new episode is available for download. There is also a monthly fee for Netflix, and, of course, you need Internet access to make any purchase.

If you are spending about $100 per month on cable to get the channels you want in HD, you might be paying for a lot of channels that you do not want to watch. You are also forced to search through the mess of channels and re-runs to find the content that you actually want. What Apple TV is offering is a chance to choose exactly what you want to watch. Each program costs less than one dollar.

This means that you can practically build your own customized TV station, and own a collection of your favorite TV shows, available to watch at your leisure. If you want to control your budget, you can buy an iTunes card for $100. If you purchase a card every 3 or 4 months, you're saving money compared to what you would be paying for cable. Not only can you buy or rent specifically what you want to watch, but you are off the hook programming a DVR to record any show - and you get it commercial free as well.

With the innovations on the Internet market, cable operators worry about losing business as customers are starting to watch more and more TV content online. Many people find it much cheaper to buy season passes of the shows they want from Apple TV rather than pay for cable or satellite.
It all depends on how much TV they want to watch, and how much they can save if they did the switch. The process may be slow, and it may take the population some getting used to, but give it time, and you might really see it happen.
Do you have Apple TV? What are your thoughts? 

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