2011年2月3日 星期四

How to distinguish the geniue of Element Case Vapor 4?

About Element Case. There are many fakes in Market. And the price is around US$10 to US$70. Those fake appearance are quite similar to the geniue. However there a lot features that make the fake different with geniue real one. That will explain more here later of this post.

Features for geniue

•Despite it’s minimalist appearance, the Vapor is CNC machined from a solid block of aircraft grade aluminum. In other words, it’s strong and light (19 grams)!
•A CNC on/off button is designed into the case to complete the clean lines
In true Element Case™ style, the graphics are laser engraved.
•The inside of the Vapor case is lined with a very high tech shock absorbing material that reduces the G-forces of an impact.
You can see the geniue from this video link

Cantonese Version

Features for Fake

■Some colors do not exist in reality
■The packaging is in bad quality
■weight higher than 19 grams
■material is not the aircraft grade aluminum
■ the graphics are not laser engraved
■ without high tech shock absorbing material

Here are the example for some fakes about element case vapor 4

example 1)New Aluminum&Zinc Element Case Bumper Frame case, 50grams 1 lot (20 Piece / lot ) , price is USD9.83

example 2) Aluminum Bumper 1 lot (5 Piece / lot) , 10 colors available ,price is USD40

example 3) Aluminum Element Bumper Frame Vapor Case, it`s strong and light(22 grams)!
, price is US $38.67 ~ 45.60 / Piece

example 4) New Aluminum&Zinc Element Case Bumper Frame case, 1 lot (15 Piece / lot), price is USD11

Hope the above information is useful for all user support geniue