2010年12月31日 星期五

Are you looking for a small bluetooth keyboard for you iPhone/iPad/PS3/Android System/Window Mobile?

Anybody if looking for a bluetooth wireless keyboard with very compact size . I would recommend you the one from "Pyramid Distribution". This bluetooth keyboard support many digital devices such as iPhone/iPad/PS3/Android/Window Mobile6.0/Nokia Symbian S60 System etc.

If you are using the above mentions devices with bluetooth support. This is a quite good choice for you. Because you safe a lot for buying only one bluetooth keyboard and that support many other digital device.Except bluetooth keyboard,it is also a Laser Pointer.

For those who need to work late at night and don't want to interrupt their family, or work in some poor light environments. Then you need to use this handheld keyboard since it come with back lit( With 26 PCS dazzling bright LED lights)

you can see more information at the website:

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